Mold Removal


Mold removal is a very tedious task that requires professional expertise, patience as well as special mold removal equipment. Most people in Tallahasee think that by using household chemicals such as bleach that the mold is killed and removed by simply wiping the area. This is simply not the case when it comes to effective mold removal projects. We have been removing mold in Tallahassee for years. Let Guardian take care of that nasty black mold removal project for you, giving you the peace of mind that your Tallahassee Home is mold free once we complete our mold removal service.

Mold removal is quite a bit more complicated than most people think. Mold spores are actually hydrophobic. This means that when you try a mold removal project yourself and you spray a household chemical on the mold, the mold actually “flees” from the chemical you are spraying on or at it. Mold spores are tiny seeds and must be viewed under a microscope. In order to successfully perform mold removal services, you must first put up containment in the area where the mold removal is to occur. With the high humidity levels in Florida this containment is absolutely crucial to performing successful mold removal projects. The containment area will keep all the mold spores in it until special machines can be placed in the containment to remove the mold spore from the air.

Mold Removal ContractorMold removal must be performed not only in the area where you visibly see the mold, but the surrounding areas as well. Most homes and businesses contain HVAC systems. Once the mold spores have gotten into the air, they are usually spread through the HVAC system. Projects with heavy amounts of mold must have a mold removal service performed on their HVAC system as well. Think of mold removal projects as intensive cleaning projects. Mold removal must occur at the source of the mold colonies as well as all the areas the mold colonies could have spread spores to by the HVAC system or other methods.

Home Mold Removal We use the latest state of the art equipment for our mold removal projects. We use high velocity air scrubbers to remove the mold from the air of your contaminated Tallahassee home or office. These air scrubbers perform many air changes per hour and trap the mold spores in the air inside. The result is a successful mold removal project as air samples are taken at the end of every mold remediation. We also use special heap vacuums on all of our mold removal projects. These vacuums not only remove mold from the areas where it is seen, but can also remove mold so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. In addition to the equipment, we use a special chemical to kill the mold before we start the mold removal process. Just because mold is “dead” doesn’t mean that it cannot adversely affect you or your family. Mold removal includes removing all of the mold whether it is dead or alive. Most black mold spores can remain dormant for years until conditions are right for them to reproduce. This is why it is important that a mold removal project is successful the first time.

Count on a company you can trust for your Tallahassee mold removal projects. We have completed many successful mold removal projects in the Tallahassee area over the past several years.


Feel free to call us 24 hours per day and 7 days per week if you suspect a problem with black mold or if you have any questions in regards to mold removal services.